SS / 16

What is that feeling you get, when you’re driving away from your city as it recedes into your rear-view mirror, driving until the smoggy mass is completely dispersed? It’s the too-huge world vaulting you, wind on the face and melody in the ears, the soil soars as responsibility fades through opaque and disappears. Freedom. Our young couple leans forward into their next crazy venture beneath the open sky. The road is calling and the real world shrinks to nothing in the rear-view. All that exists is two lanes, and the fire of passion; it’s wick wet and ready to ignite.

Featuring: Jai Stevens & Brittany Odell
Director: Tim Swallow
DoP: Ed Triglone
Production: Lagoon Collective
HMU: Phoebe Barrett
Stylist: Samara Wilson
Music: The Jim Mitchells